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Benefits Of The 3D Pro Medical Grade Recovery Tights

Benefits Of The 3D Pro Medical Grade Recovery Tights
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Words By Melinda Toraya, Realigntech.

Our 3D Pro Recovery Tights are the one and only medical-grade compression tights that effectively reduces aches & leg fatigue, is ideal for travel and will help you get back to the game quicker! 

The compression zones in our 3D Pro Recovery Tights are an inverse to those in our standard tights. The compression occurs directly on the muscle as opposed to the surrounding areas. This maximizes blood flow and quickly reduces toxins within the muscles. For maximum results, this garment should be worn for a few hours following an intense workout or training. Your legs will feel totally re-energized and you'll be ready to get back in the game in no time!

These tights are a personal favourite of mine and has seen me through both ultra events and heavy leg day training sessions. As I prep now as a figure competitor for ICN, these tights are an integral part of my recovery.

Having previously been an ultra runner myself and needing to keep ticking those miles over day after day, these tights were again my saviour! In case you ever needed to boost your recovery for a big day, they're also incredibly comfortable to sleep in!

Whether you're an ultra runner, weight lifter, professional athlete or just want to keep playing your sport, try them once and you'll know why these critically acclaimed thights are the go!

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