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110% Gel Ice Packs

110% Gel Ice Packs
$25.00 AUD

Gel Ice Packs

Use our Gel Ice packs to aid recovery and help combat pain. Play Harder and Recover Faster with this ice therapy and /or heat therapy. Relieve muscle pain, sprained calf/hamstring/quadriceps, swelling, glute pain, shin splits, post-surgery pain and other injuries.

Effective Pain Relief & Recovery


-To insure safety, always remover them with a paper towel and never put them in diret contact with skin
-Limit hot/cold application to 15min at a time
-Keep it away from kids. Cannot be eaten

Prep you gel packs
Place the gel packs in the freezer at least 2 hours prior to the usage for maximum results

Inserting the gel packs
Gel packs should be inserted in the pocket of your 110% gear and never be in direct contact with your skin. For the lower body, gel packs can be inserted while wearing the geara. For arm and elbow gear, we recommend inserting the gel packs into the sleeves prior to pulling it on.

Heat Therapy
Microwave the pack for 1 minute. If additionalheat is desired, heat the pack 30 seconds at a time and verify (do not exceed 2 minutes total). To insure safety, always remove them with a paper towel and never put them in direct contact with the skin.

When it works
ANYTIME: Wear your 110% gear pre-performance, if you're trravelling or are on your feet a lot, or whenever you want to prevent leg and ankle fatigue, swelling and soreness

Play Harder: Whatever your game, wear your 110% to train or perform. The gardient compression zones enhances circulation, increases muscle stability and reduces muscle fatigue. Moisture wicking and antimicrobial for maximum comfort.

Recover Faster: Unique pockets allow you to ice immediately after exercising. Ice reduces swelling and pain. Compression reduces the lactic acid levels that build up during exercises and prevents soreness.

How it works
A 360-degree stretch knit with 50% more spandex than competitors and a higher level of gradient compression for optimal biomechanical support, circulation and mobility.

Included: 4 sheets


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