110 Clutch Compression Tights +Ice

110 Clutch Compression Tights +Ice
110 Clutch Compression Tights +Ice


Targeting the hips, glutes, lumbar, ITBand, quadriceps, hamstrings, knees, calves and shins,the Clutch Tights are designed for maximum comfort, performance and recovery. With strategically placed icing pockets the Clutch Tights transition from high performance compression gear to an active recovery system in one simple step.
Clinical Application: Glute Pain, ITBand Syndrome, Strained/Pulled Hamstring or Quadriceps, Meniscus Tear, Tendonitis/Bursitis, Cartilage Damage, Strained Calf, Shin Splints,Post-operative pain
Benefits: Performance: Quickly applying compression + ice post workout improves circulation, accelerates muscle repair and decreases the inflammation that causes muscle soreness.
Injury Treatment: 360°pockets for icing make targeted compression + ice therapy easier and more accurate than ever.
Details: Approximately 20-25 mmHg of Zoned Compression, Antimicrobial SilverTech Fabric, Superior moisture wicking, 360° 4-way stretch, 75% polypropylene/25% spandex. Minimal seam construction, Available in unisex sizes 1-6 (S-XXL) (measure your waist just over belly button)

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