Double-Life Compression Calf Sleeve + Ice

Double Life Compression Calf Sleeves + Ice Front.jpeg
Double Life Compression Calf Sleeves + Ice Back with Ice.jpeg
Double Life Compression Calf Sleeves + Ice Back with Ice.jpeg


-Ideal for treating shin splints and calf pain, the double life calf sleeves provide muscle stability with a double layer of compression and pockets for applying ice directly to the shins and calves for maximum comfort, performance and recovery.
Clinical Application: Shin Splints, Calf Strain/ Muscle Tear/ Compartment Syndrome, Archilles Tendonitis/Pain
Benefits: Performance: Increase endurance and performance with muscle stabilizing compression that reduces vibration and maximises circulation.
Recovery: Quickly applying compression + ice post workout improves circulation, accelerates muscle repair and decreases the inflammation that causes muscle soreness.
Injury Treatment: 360° pockets for icing make targeted compression + ice therapy easier and more accurate than ever.
Details: Gradient & Zoned Compression, Antimicrobial SilverTech Fabric, Superior moisture wicking, 360° 4-way stretch, 70% polypopylene/30% spandex,Single seam construction for 360°Icing, Sold in pairs, Available in unisex sizes XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL (measure largest part of calf muscle unflexed)

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