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Primary Copper Twist Ankle Compression Socks

Primary Copper Twist Ankle Compression Socks
$35.00 AUD

The Ankle Primary Copper Twist is the only stocking on the market that offers the possibility of rotation (twist) to the arch of the foot, it helps to correct the slight deviations of the foot (supination or pronation). In addition to relieving the pains associated with plantar fasciitis, it improves posture and proprioception of the foot. Made with copper fibers, it helps reduce symptoms caused by bacteria and fungus, improving the appearance and texture of the skin. Its soft, elastic and sophisticated finish provides unparalleled comfort. Perfect for everyday use. 

Technical Features
Calibrated Compression 20-25mmHg
Adjustable arch support
Helps reduce pain, cramps and inflammation of the foot
Helps treat Plantar Fasciitis
Helps improve posture
Copper fibre designed to aid in the healing of venous ulcers of the foot

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